Welcome, lovelies

Punky & Wim is a small, homegrown New England shop, currently specializing in mommy and me leggings, shirts, and the like. We are just starting up so you may not have heard of us yet. But you will!

Behind (and between, and in front of) the scenes are the real Punky and Wim: my larger than life children. 

This is Punky. Full of sass and good cheer, she is a pure spitfire.
This is Wim. Not even a year old yet, he is made of dimples and laughter.

These two bundles of love are my inspiration, my drive, my models and my pure joy. It is because of them that I wake up every morning thankful and go to bed exhausted and content.

My husband, Mr. J. He is an untapped artistic talent and my other half.

This guy here is my foundation, my support system. Without him, I would never have time to sew, or believe in myself enough to create.

This is our life. We live, laugh, love, create memories, make messes, and we want you to be a part of that. Enjoy our stories, leave a ‘hello,’ and take a peek at the shop if you feel so inclined!

Peace and blessings,

T, and the entire P&W family


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